Who are you?

Well, Single Cruises was started by ateam of people. One of us is the serious guy who takes care of thebills and arranges everything, preventing the place from fallingasunder. The rest of us are here to help you have fun: That'sbasically the idea of who we are and what we are doing here.

How are you going to help people enjoy themselves?
Oh, that's easy: We're going to help everybody meet cool new people on board of a beautiful cruise ship. We're going to help you cheer up, wind down, break the ice with a few games, organize a party... maybe two... maybe more... and, all in all, everything you need to have a great time on board of a cruise ship. If you happen to join our next cruise, soon you'll see how you will be longing to return once that cruise is over. That's because our cruises for singles are really fun.
Should we understand you have your own cruise then?
No, not really. Single Cruises works with the best cruise lines we can find out there. You'll see it by yourself once you have made up your mind to check our schedule of upcoming single cruises. That means Single Cruises will give you the best on some of the best cruise ships floating in the seas. I'm sure this will make your experience absolutely memorable.
So this is a sort of "premium package" for a cruise trip...
That's right. That's the best way to see it: as a premium package. However, with us there's no need to take the word "premium" as a nice way to say "pricey". We've already negotiated with the cruise lines so we can offer you and everyone else a good single cruise package for a fairly reasonable price. We strive for keeping it cool and also reasonable, see?. The point is having good fun, after all...

Another question, please... Is the cruise full of singles?
Actually, it is not. As I just mentioned, we have negotiated with the cruise lines and got a few advantages over other tour services, yet we have not rented the whole cruise just for us.
Do you care to elaborate?
Sure, no problem. For a start, we are having our own private spaces on board of the next and following cruises. Singles, at last, will be able to get together without being all day surrounded by families, couples or kids. You come with us and you'll have a point where to gather, where to chat, where to have a drink. Of course, this doesn't mean you must remain just in these places. You can enjoy as much of the cruise as you want, plus the few extra things our service offers you.
You mentioned activities and parties... Can you tell us more about the activities?

A few of them will remain secret until you come with us, but here you have a go: Before the cruise, we're taking a few days to say hello and get to know each other with a chat room, and a gathering. Actually this is where fun begins, as you will not go on-board without knowing anybody, like everyone else does.

Once on board, a few members of our staff will welcome you to the group and give you a list or schedule of activities we're going to host there. This includes singles parties, swimming pool activities, games, etc. These activities are not open to the public, so if you don't attend with us, you'll miss them.

Can we talk about costs?
All our cruise packages are featured on their respective pages. Just check our single cruises section.
When is payment for the service due?
Single Cruises vacations should be paid in full by 90 days before departure. You can make an advance payment if you want to reserve before 90 days before going on board, but everybody will be required to pay in full 90 days before leaving.
Do I need a visa to attend?

That depends on every tour, becauseevery country you visit has its own visa laws. You'd better check outthis information on the tourism government agencies websites. I giveyou three:

USA: http://travel.state.gov/
UK: http://www.fco.gov.uk/
Canada: http://www.voyage.gc.ca/

You do need a passport, though.

OK, let's imagine I'm buying... How much should I pack?
Well, that depends on you, but make sure to include a formal attire (as we are having at least one formal party and because this is a tradition on cruise travel trips), bathing suit, casual wear, shoes, sandals, tennis shoes and sunblock, especially if you have a sensitive skin.
Can I stay in contact with the outside world while on board?
Yes, you can. Many Cruise ships now have Internet connections and all cruise ships have telephones available.
Can you help me with my accommodations before or after the cruise dates?

Yes, we can. Make sure to mentioningthis detail when requesting a quote for the singles cruise packageyou are interested in, and we'll send you the details.

Some people think single cruises travelare for those trying to hook up only, or that cruises for singles arefull of yuppies or senior citizens

Single cruises travel vacations areattended by many different kinds of men and women. Sure there may bea few people here and there only looking for one thing, but themajority are there to have a great singles vacation, and let comewhat may. People running their mouth about this myth have probablyseen one too many Love Boat episodes.

Single cruise vacations are full ofpeople of all ages, all occupations, and all walks of life. On asingles cruise, we're all the same, without titles, etc., so I'd justsay... come and enjoy yourself!

Do you offer any an all-inclusive cruise package?

No, we don't. Travelling on a singlescruise with us will, for a start, get you all the same things aregular cruise boat passenger gets such as access to the swimmingpools, the bars, the casino, the shows, the variety of specializedrestaurants you can find on the cruise ship, the spas, the gym andother amenities the cruise has, including the land tours cruise linesadd if you want.

Our advantage is Single Cruises hasincluded a number of activities and benefits aimed at single men andwomen, someone like you or myself.

- We've arranged, for a start, a cruisefor singles chat room and a get-together before going on board. Joinour group and you'll also be able to get acquainted to many newfriends right before going on board.

- We are having at least three cocktailparties just for us in every seven-day cruise we host ...plus a partyin the pool!

- We offer you shore tours which areexclusively for our group.

- Games, private dance lessons, karaokefun and a few other surprises for you.

- Plus comfortable accommodations,meals, activities and entertainment included in one single price.

A last question, please: Do the prices listed include taxes?
Yes, prices listed includes taxes.