About us

Single Cruises fun isn't anything new. For years, or maybe decades, cruise lines have emphasized how fun, relaxing or exciting their cruise trips could be; stating you can have fun the way you like on their cruise, not matter how active or inactive you wanted your vacations to be. You sure has read, heard or seen one of those ads yourself at least once in your life, so you do know what I'm talking about... but then, these wonderful trips just became disappointing: You were on the way to the pool and suddenly, that toddler fell down and went crying to see his mum making you feel... well... uncomfortable. 

For reasons like this one, Single Cruises was born. To start the idea you see on this site, we sat down and negotiated with the cruise companies to get a large group of tickets and cabins so we could arrange a singles cruise our own fun way. Voilà: Today, a few years later after that first negotiation, we still are able to offer you good packages made by single men and women and aimed at single men and women as well. Now you can also come with us to have fun in a singles cruise our way. 

What's included 

Coming to a singles cruise with us will, for a start, give you access to everything you are entitled to as any other cruise passenger. That is to say, access to the swimming pools, the bars, the casino, the shows, the variety of specialized restaurants you can find on the cruise, the spas, the stores, the gym and other amenities the cruise has including their land tours if you want.* 

In addition to that, Single Cruises has included a number of activities and benefits aimed at someone like you. Take a look at a few extra benefits we have arranged:

  • We've arranged, for a start, a chat room and a get-together before going on board. Coming with us, you   will enjoy an exciting singles cruise getting acquainted to a few new friends just before going on board.
  • We are having at least three cocktail parties just for us in every seven-day cruise we host...
  • ...plus a party in the pool another day!
  • We offer you shore tours which are exclusively for our group. Nothing of pre-designed fun for us: we  make our fun our way.
  • We've prepared games, private dance lessons, karaoke fun and a few other surprises for you. Just        takea look at the schedule we're going to give you!
  • Plus comfortable accommodations, meals, activities and entertainment included in one single price.
  • Yes, the price also includes taxes.

Single, but not looking? Who said that Single Cruises packages were just for those who were looking for love? No way, José. Our packages are for all of you: If you're looking for love, sure you will find someone who might also be interested; if you're on board just for fun, sure you'll meet many of new friends too! 

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* Keep in mind we are not offering any 'all inclusive' package here on Single Cruises. Make sure to ask about extra charges before making use of these or other services on board.